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'The Soulful Mix Show'

Saturdays 8pm til late

Having older sisters and brothers, I grew up listening to Motown, Disco and Soul (with a bit of Jazz influence from my dad). My own musical journey really took off in the mid 80's, when I was introduced to pirate radio. My mates and I would just chill out listening to the tunes. I would then harass the record shop staff for the latest top releases and imports. Once we were able to get the records we wanted, we'd be up till the early hours playing them. I wouldn't call it DJ'ing, but it felt like it when we looked out of a window, and saw a couple of lads dancing to the music.


My time behind the decks started in Germany in 1988. It was on a quiet night in a fun pub, when I got in the DJ booth, and started playing tunes. The owner's son was there, and enjoyed what I played. As I was leaving, he asked me if I wanted to DJ for him on the upcoming Friday. I duly obliged, and became one of the resident DJ's, I was spinning vinyl there until I left Germany in late 1990.


My first show on this station was 2 hours on the dot and when I finished, I was literally buzzing. I now have a regular 3 hour Saturday show (although I have done one that lasted 6 hours!) I feel lucky to be part of the 'Soulconnexion Family'. We have some top DJs on the station, and they are genuinely nice people with it. I look forward to entertaining anyone who tunes in, or finds my show by accident. 

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