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'The Vinyl Junkie Show'

Wednesdays 8pm - 10pm

Although growing up in the heart of east London, I preferred club scene in central London, something going on every night. The vibe in London was different often more intimate and the dancing was on another level, the vibrancy of the dancers and music was the perfect mix.

I've Always collected vinyl, it really does matter. In most cases we would go up Soho in central London on a Saturday to buy some records and read the back covers on the way home, only to be reminded years later that you remembered who the sound engineer was on a certain track. I still look for tracks at car boots and charity shops today, always digging!

I love DJ’ing, did my first gig at 15. Been sharing my mix of tunes on radio for the past 12 years, now I have more time in life I would love to take up more opportunities, working away from home has limitations

If I had to state my music preferences, Funk, Jazz, Soul, but could go to the world of rock!

Favourite club Samantha’s favourite tune.....impossible to say!

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