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Dependant on your internet speed or connection, simply click the play button on the best player option for you (remembering to stop any currently player as well!)

192 Bitrate Player

This player produces a high quality audio stream, ideal for using through home audio systems . It uses  a fair bit of internet bandwidth so should not really be used on mobile devices unless they are connected to an unrestricted WiFi signal.

128 Bitrate Player

This player produces  CD quality audio , totally fine for using through most home audio systems . It uses  minimal amounts of internet bandwidth so can be used on mobile devices  although ideally they should really be connected to WiFi.

64 Bitrate Player

The is the ideal player to choose if you're using a mobile device connected to a mobile network such as 4G.  It uses the least amount of data and the audio quality is  fine for small mobile speakers / headphones  / pods etc.

* Please  'Stop' on any active player by pressing the 'play' button again before selecting a new one

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