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The Saturday Night Fever Show


Musically I can trace my love of Disco back to 1977 and Saturday Night Fever! The music wasn't the best (although it did have some good moments) but as a teenage boy I was in awe of the Nightclub scene and culture in general. I was also in awe of Farrah Fawcett-Majors at the time but that's another story!
By 1978 I had found Robbie Vincent on Radio London (206 MW) and Greg Edwards on Capital (1548 MW) who both had massive influences on me musically. I also found a great record shop in the back streets of Rayleigh where I lived that specialised in Soul Music and got the hottest American Imports every week. Every Friday I would go straight from school to Record Man in Rayleigh and stay there until they closed at 8pm.At the time I was doing 3 paper rounds a week to fund my vinyl habit.
By 1981 I was heading up to London to get records from City Sounds in Holborn or Groove Records in Greek Street. I was a regular at Zero 6 in Southend too, a very popular club at the time.
I guess I am very narrow minded musically as I don't listen to or care about anything but my beloved Disco. For me it's all about the strings and the lush orchestral productions with real musicians that you rarely get these days. My record collection (thousands of 12 inch singles, promos and LP's) must be 99.99% from 1974-5 to about 1981-2!
Musically my three hereos are Tom Moulton, Nile Rodgers and Phyllis Hyman and I can actually say that I've met all of them. Tom in particualr has become a good friend and it's a real honour and priviledge to go to his home and watch while he creates the magic.
I hope some of my immense passion for the music I love will be evident in my shows and hope the listeners will enjoy hearing the music as much as I will enjoy playing it.

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