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'The Eclectic Soul Show'

Friday 2pm - 4pm

Growing up in the 60s and 70s. My main influence's were my uncle's that were into reggae and soul.

At just 15 years old they took me to a club in Romford, Essex called 'The Rezz' I was taken aback by the 'disco scene' and the music getting played. 


I got to know the regulars in the club and my school mates started going too. I became mates with the resident dj and former Goldmine DJ, Mick Zip, he was the manager of Downtown and Apollo Records.  I started buying vinyl, by 1979 I was warming up for him.

The Robbie Vincent radio show drove me to buying Vinyl to play even more. In 1978 I started going clubs like The Goldmine, Zero 6, Flicks, Stage 3 etc when not at the Rezz and went onto doing gigs and on the road a bit as well as the big weekender events and still have a regular gig in Romford.


The name Jazzbod came about from my mate “Mick Zip” well because of my love of jazz. I still do weekenders and I enjoy my radio shows, I still buy vinyl… and I still play it. I love playing music, all types of music, and consider myself “Eclectic” when it comes to the tunes I play. So expect anything and everything in my shows…. But it will have an 'Eclectic SoulConnexion' I hope you enjoy the shows.