Songs from the list will be played randomly during the Hot 40 Showcase shows.See schedule page for timings.

Terri Green Project - Whats Going On-Sedsoul

Weather Girls - Stand Up-Sedsoul

Light Of The world - Temperatures Rising-Quo Vadiz Music Creations

Horsemeat Disco & Kathy Sledge - Jump Into The Light-Glitterbox

Elbowed Out - All men Dont Love The Same-Soul Junction 7"

Ruff & Tumble - Baby I'm Scared Of You-Horus Music

Impulse - I Really Love You-Kandi Records

Rose Spearman - Falling In Love Again-MARS Music

Howard Johnson - So Insane-Six Nine Records

PrivatProjekt - Dont Walk That Way-Kopfhoch Produktion

Carmichael Musiclover-Lifeline-One Mic Music

Randy Hall - A Beautiful Dream-Six Nine Records

Lenny Williams - Please Dont Tempt Me(Martin Shaw Revamp)

Terri Green Project - Never Gonna Let-Euro Musik

Dynasty - Escape-Dynasty

Slay - All You Need-Six Nine Records

Hil St Soul - In My Groove

Marc Staggers - What The World Needs Now-DSG

Soul Messengers - Be Thankful-Festival Park Productions

Tom Glide - Luv Is Coming Up-Can U Feel It Records

Binky Womack - The Last Valentino-Bindelari Music

Lettuce - Resonate-Round Hill Recordings

Chris Jasper - Nothing Can Change This Love-Gold City Records

Los Charlys Orchestra - Fly Away-Imagenes

Auteria Wally Winzer Jr - Sweet Deal-WahLeeWHIRL Publishing

Romina Johnson - Heartbeat-J&J Music Production

CJ's Connection - Just Another Face(Desert Remix)-Conjam

Kashflow - I Don't Wanna Go

Mark Johnson - Daydream-Izipho Soul 7"

Brandon Michael - Crush-Top Notch

Rhea Sun- Train-Macklife Records

R&R Soul Orchestra - 90 To Nothing-American R&B Company

Jody Watley- Candlelight-Avitone Recordings

MS1 Project - Treasure Pearl-H&S Records

Maysa - Its Gonna Be Alright-Blue Velvet Records

Frank Addai - Enchanted Lady-No Art Recordings

Varges Thomas - Give It To Ya-Vargesthomasmusic

Lorraine Clarke-McGhie - Closer-Lorraine Clarke-McGhie

Ingram Street - Beautiful Possibility-Platinum Garage